I was initially approved for VR&E but my intended goal of being retrained as a dentist was denied. I am a husband and father to two young girls. Dental school affords very little free time and a significant strain on my family’s finances. It has become abundantly clear that while the VA wants to “help” veterans, they do not want to do so willingly. After my denial for retraining to become a Dentist, I decided to bring in the big guns and hire Krause Law, PLLC, as I felt I had put together the best case I could do on my own. Benjamin has extensive experience in dealing with the VA, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. He has a fire within him to help veterans as he has truly been in our shoes. He has a deep understanding of the sacrifices we have all made, as he has endured those very same sacrifices. Let me speak from experience, when the VA does not follow their own rules and regulations, Benjamin holds their feet to the fire. With the help of Benjamin and his team, VR&E is officially paying for dental school and has granted retroactive payments to cover everything from the first year of dental school. I now can be retrained in a field that is conducive to my disabilities all while giving me the financial freedom to spend more time with my family. I will forever be thankful for this life- changing experience, and I truly cannot say how thankful I am for Benjamin Krause and his firm. I would absolutely recommend Benjamin in the future. In fact, I already have. Benjamin and his team were professional, extremely responsive, and genuinely had my best interest in mind.
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