How To Qualify for Veterans’ Disability?

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Veterans who have been discharged from service or who will be discharged within the next 90-180 days may apply for VA disability. These funds are available for individuals whose disabilities meet the guidelines regarding severity and how the injury occurred. Proving that the injury happened because of military service can be complicated, so getting the help of a trusted attorney is always a good idea.

Our law firm can provide the counsel and support you need as you apply for VA disability. We have an excellent understanding of the law regarding VA matters, and we are happy to meet with you and discuss how we can help, so reach out to us today.

What Is VA Disability?

VA disability is funding made to veterans and their families on a monthly basis because of chronic suffering from a service-related injury. The payments are calculated based on the severity of the injury and are tax-free. Injuries include physical injuries, pre-existing conditions exacerbated by military service, and mental suffering such as depression and PTSD.

When your claim is considered, the VA will rate your disability based on percentage points between 0-100. Low-ranking disabilities may not amount to disability payments, but if your condition worsens, you could appeal for VA disability payments at a later date. When going through this process, it is critical to have experienced help. Contact us for a lawyer to stand by your side as you fight for the compensation you deserve.

What Are Requirements to be Eligible for VA Disability?

A few requirements must be satisfied to receive VA disability payments. The most important factors are:

  • Previous military service
  • Illness or injury causing at least 10% disability
  • Injury caused by military service

Additionally, you may not qualify for VA disability benefits if you received a dishonorable discharge. If you have any questions about whether your injury qualifies or if you need help preparing the application for VA disability, please reach out to us. We understand how difficult it can be to recover from a severe injury and go through the process of applying for disability. We will fight with you to make sure you are fairly compensated.

Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help Me Get VA Disability?

If you are a veteran injured because of military service, you could qualify for disability benefits. This funding can be an excellent resource for you and your family because it is paid monthly and tax-free. However, to receive disability payments from the VA, you need to prove that your injury or illness was caused by acts done during military service. This may involve collecting documentation from medical professionals and proof of military service. Going through this process may be very stressful at a time when you are already trying to recover.

Please get in touch with us if you need help with any part of the VA disability application. We know how to prepare the evidence you need to get the benefits you deserve. We will leverage all of our expertise, dedication, and honesty to get you the results you want, so call us today at (612) 888-9567.

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