Why Are Veterans Denied Benefits for PTSD?

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While PTSD and other mental health conditions are covered in VA compensation benefits, many veterans get denied when filing for benefits due to PTSD. There are several reasons this happens, including:

  • The stressor causing PTSD is not directly related to your military service
  • The VA did not submit information regarding your claim to the government branch responsible for research
  • Material you submitted was unrelated to your PTSD
  • The VA claims that you do not have a valid PTSD diagnosis

If your PTSD claim was denied for any reason, you might be feeling frustrated and at a loss for what to do next. Our veterans’ lawyer can help. Reach out to us for a knowledgeable legal team that will stand by you throughout the process of getting your full PTSD benefits.

What Benefits Can Veterans Get for PTSD?

The benefits you can expect for PTSD from service-related experiences are calculated much the same as benefits for any other disability. Your disability will be rated by a percentage ranging between 0%-100%. A zero percent disability means you have no actual impairment and will likely not receive benefits. On the other hand, 100% disability means you are totally disabled and will receive the full amount of payments possible. Your payments will be adjusted accordingly depending on where your disabilities fall on that scale.

Disability payments from the VA are paid monthly and are tax-free. For help knowing what funding you are entitled to, reach out to us today.

How Should I Apply for PTSD Benefits?

If you have not yet applied for PTSD benefits and you would like to avoid denial, certain steps can make it more likely for you to be approved right off the bat. However, you should remember that mistakes are common with the VA, and you may still need to appeal a wrongful denial, even if you do everything right.

To get the best possible chance of approval, you should work with a legal professional like our veterans’ attorney. We can help you provide the proper paperwork, including evidence of your PTSD diagnosis and its connection to your military service. Contact us right away for help getting started.

What Can I Do if My PTSD Benefits Were Denied?

Unfortunately, many veterans who deserve disability benefits for PTSD and other illnesses or injuries are wrongfully denied by the VA. Recent studies of the VA’s activities have shown that over a third of the claims made to this organization are veterans appealing a denial, which shows the high rate of mistakes made by VA employees.

If you find yourself in the situation of needing to appeal a VA denial to get PTSD disability benefits, please get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your case and figure out how we can get the denial reversed. We may be able to uncover weaknesses in the VA’s rejection, collect evidence that your service-related PTSD is valid, and argue your case against the VA’s lawyer.

Call us today to speak with our veterans’ attorney and see how we can help you at (612) 888-9567.

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