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I am a disabled veteran of the War on Terror who received VR&E benefits for undergraduate training in nursing. When I requested higher-level training to become a Nurse Practitioner, VR&E denied my claim. Bad VR&E decisions are not easy to fight. I searched the web for a specific lawyer dealing with VR&E issues when I found Benjamin Krause. After watching him speak online and the testimony of others he has helped, I was sure that this lawyer was the one I needed to fight VR&E. You should be well represented when presenting your case. Otherwise, you could receive a second denial, which could complicate the matter tenfold. So, I decided to hire Benjamin Krause because he is experienced in the field. I trusted him and his insight into my case. After many months of battling with VR&E, the law firm got the problem solved, and I was granted the benefits I needed to complete a Master’s in Nursing. Because of Mr. Krause and his firm, I live a much better life today, and I recommend Mr. Krause.

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I was initially approved for VR&E but my intended goal of being retrained as a dentist was denied. I am a husband and father to two young girls. Dental school affords very little free time and a significant strain on my family’s finances. It has become abundantly clear that while the VA wants to “help” veterans, they do not want to do so willingly. After my denial for retraining to become a Dentist, I decided to bring in the big guns and hire Krause Law, PLLC, as I felt I had put together the best case I could do on my own. Benjamin has extensive experience in dealing with the VA, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. He has a fire within him to help veterans as he has truly been in our shoes. He has a deep understanding of the sacrifices we have all made, as he has endured those very same sacrifices. Let me speak from experience, when the VA does not follow their own rules and regulations, Benjamin holds their feet to the fire. With the help of Benjamin and his team, VR&E is officially paying for dental school and has granted retroactive payments to cover everything from the first year of dental school. I now can be retrained in a field that is conducive to my disabilities all while giving me the financial freedom to spend more time with my family. I will forever be thankful for this life- changing experience, and I truly cannot say how thankful I am for Benjamin Krause and his firm. I would absolutely recommend Benjamin in the future. In fact, I already have. Benjamin and his team were professional, extremely responsive, and genuinely had my best interest in mind.

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I am rated 100%. I was denied training to become a Psychologist. At first, VR&E gave me the impression they supported my career goal but that quickly changed. I tried bringing in supporting documents to argue my case, but my counselor was simply not having any of it. I decided to hire an attorney because I knew it would be impossible for me to juggle fighting the VA while taking a full-time doctoral program course load. Benjamin was honest about my case from start to finish. He spent countless hours scanning over my documentation from the military and VA finding plenty of instances where there was a discrepancy and got the VA to correct those issues. Benjamin also spent hours corresponding with me either via email or telephone, keeping me up to date on any changes from the VA. All said, I would most definitely recommend Benjamin law firm to anyone fighting for their benefits. I was eventually approved for doctoral training with retroactive pay after an appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. It’s worth fighting for your dreams and it helps a great deal having an attorney experienced in fighting for denied VR&E benefits.

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Training Program: Juris Doctor (JD)

I searched online everywhere for how to best write my appeal when I came across Benjamin VR&E Facebook group. The group encouraged free resources to help each other. But for extra
complex issues such as mine, it was clear I would be hiring an experienced attorney who genuinely cares about veterans.

Benjamin managed to get my denial of law school to become a Lawyer reversed along with backpay for loans I had already taken out. I have significantly less loans than my classmates including other veterans using the GI Bill instead of VR&E to pay for a private school. VR&E pays for tuition in-full for private universities, while veterans using the GI Bill rely on the Yellow Ribbon program to help out with tuition. I don’t feel like I am drowning in debt anymore, and I owe it to Benjamin.

Would I recommend hiring Benjamin in the future? I absolutely would and I do! He is the first person I think of when it comes to complex veteran benefits issues.