I am rated 100%. I was denied training to become a Psychologist. At first, VR&E gave me the impression they supported my career goal but that quickly changed. I tried bringing in supporting documents to argue my case, but my counselor was simply not having any of it. I decided to hire an attorney because I knew it would be impossible for me to juggle fighting the VA while taking a full-time doctoral program course load. Benjamin was honest about my case from start to finish. He spent countless hours scanning over my documentation from the military and VA finding plenty of instances where there was a discrepancy and got the VA to correct those issues. Benjamin also spent hours corresponding with me either via email or telephone, keeping me up to date on any changes from the VA. All said, I would most definitely recommend Benjamin law firm to anyone fighting for their benefits. I was eventually approved for doctoral training with retroactive pay after an appeal to the Board of Veterans Appeals. It’s worth fighting for your dreams and it helps a great deal having an attorney experienced in fighting for denied VR&E benefits.
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