I am a disabled veteran of the War on Terror who received VR&E benefits for undergraduate training in nursing. When I requested higher-level training to become a Nurse Practitioner, VR&E denied my claim. Bad VR&E decisions are not easy to fight. I searched the web for a specific lawyer dealing with VR&E issues when I found Benjamin Krause. After watching him speak online and the testimony of others he has helped, I was sure that this lawyer was the one I needed to fight VR&E. You should be well represented when presenting your case. Otherwise, you could receive a second denial, which could complicate the matter tenfold. So, I decided to hire Benjamin Krause because he is experienced in the field. I trusted him and his insight into my case. After many months of battling with VR&E, the law firm got the problem solved, and I was granted the benefits I needed to complete a Master’s in Nursing. Because of Mr. Krause and his firm, I live a much better life today, and I recommend Mr. Krause.
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