Training Program: Juris Doctor (JD)
I searched online everywhere for how to best write my appeal when I came across Benjamin VR&E Facebook group. The group encouraged free resources to help each other. But for extra complex issues such as mine, it was clear I would be hiring an experienced attorney who genuinely cares about veterans. Benjamin managed to get my denial of law school to become a Lawyer reversed along with backpay for loans I had already taken out. I have significantly less loans than my classmates including other veterans using the GI Bill instead of VR&E to pay for a private school. VR&E pays for tuition in-full for private universities, while veterans using the GI Bill rely on the Yellow Ribbon program to help out with tuition. I don’t feel like I am drowning in debt anymore, and I owe it to Benjamin. Would I recommend hiring Benjamin in the future? I absolutely would and I do! He is the first person I think of when it comes to complex veteran benefits issues.
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