What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Veterans Disability Lawyer?

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When you seek benefits or are appealing a rejection from the VA, having a lawyer on your side can be one of the most effective ways to get the results you’re looking for. However, hiring a weak or inexperienced lawyer that you can’t trust completely doesn’t do much good. You should be able to rely on your lawyer for help at every step. Please schedule a consultation with our veterans’ lawyer today to see how we can help you!

1. Not Meeting With a Lawyer Before Hiring Them

If an internet search has brought up a lawyer’s website that sounds promising, don’t rush to the phone to hire them right away! Most law firms, like ours, offer a free consultation to see how well you get along with that lawyer in person. You can see whether they communicate effectively, if they’re confident about your case, and if their personality is a good match for yours.

2. Hiring a Lawyer Who Practices Many Areas of Law

Many people think that if a lawyer practices many areas of law, they’ll be better able to help them. However, it’s better to find an attorney who focuses on a smaller category of law because it means they do that one practice area well. For example, the veterans’ lawyer at our firm focuses solely on veterans’ cases. This means he has tons of experience working with the VA and will know exactly how to get positive results in your case.

3. Hiring a Lawyer Without Enough Experience

Another pitfall people fall into is hiring a lawyer who is just starting out and doesn’t have enough experience. This is true in many practice areas but even more so in veterans’ law. Working with the VA can be extremely challenging, even for lawyer with a great deal of experience. You need to be persistent and confident when submitting requests and appeals. This isn’t very likely if your attorney doesn’t have enough experience working in the field of veterans’ law.

4. Hiring a Lawyer You Don’t Trust Completely

Trusting your lawyer is another key component to finding the right veteran’s attorney for you. They should also have a personality that fits with your style; for example, some people may want a lawyer who will listen carefully to them, while others need an attorney with a great deal of confidence. We think you’ll find that our veterans’ lawyer is friendly but also committed to fighting aggressively for your rights. Schedule a free consultation to meet with us personally and see if our legal team is a good fit for you!

When you are looking for a veterans’ affairs lawyer you can trust with the experience to handle any VA case confidently, please contact our law firm. Call (612) 888-9567 for a free consultation today!

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