How To Upgrade a Military Discharge?

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A military discharge for bad conduct can prevent you from getting VA disability benefits. This can be discouraging, especially if your discharge was inequitable or improper. If you think your discharge deserves reconsideration, our law firm can help. We understand the unique needs of veterans and their families, as our attorney himself is a veteran. He has been through the process of appealing to the VA and knows how to get results. Make sure you and your loved ones have the lifelong benefits of VA disability payments by upgrading your military discharge status. Call us today for a consultation!

Why Should I Upgrade My Military Discharge?

Upgrading your military discharge has many benefits. For one thing, removing the poor conduct status could allow you to receive disability benefits through the VA. This could ensure financial stability for your family throughout your life with the tax-free income it provides. Family members also continue to receive your VA disability benefits after you die, which can bring you peace of mind.

Additionally, clearing your military record of your bad conduct discharge can give you increased opportunities for employment, education, eligibility for security clearance, and restoring your good reputation. When you are ready to pursue a military discharge upgrade, reach out to our law firm for help through this complicated process.

What Evidence Will I Need to Upgrade My Military Discharge?

To prove that your discharge was either inappropriate or unlawful, you will first submit a request to the Discharge Review Board (DRB). This five-person group will review your discharge and any evidence you can provide to determine whether the discharge should be upgraded.

Your goal in providing evidence is to show that the original discharge violated either the military’s policies or the law. You may wish to draft a statement explaining why the discharge was inequity or improper, as well as submit statements from other individuals who know you or witnessed the event. Hiring an attorney is a great first step in this process as they can help you decide what will be most effective in your case.

How Can an Attorney Help Me Get My Discharge Upgraded?

Upgrading your military discharge status can be quite complicated, depending on the nature of your case. You’ll need to collect several documents, including your statement, character references from people who know you well, and any awards or evaluations you have received. A talented lawyer like the veterans’ lawyer at our law firm will know exactly what you should submit along with your request for a discharge upgrade to get the results you need.

Facing a government agency like the DRB for your military branch can be daunting, but you don’t need to do this alone. Our years of experience give us the credibility and knowledge necessary to make a difference in your discharge appeal. Call us today at (612) 888-9567 for a free consultation to see how our talented legal team can help you.

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