Does the VA Pay Disability for Life?

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VA disability payments can be a great resource for retired military men and women who suffered injury or illness during their service. If you qualify for VA disability, you could benefit from monthly, tax-free income. These payments may even continue after you die, so your loved ones will be provided for as well!

There are times when VA disability payments do not continue for life, however. The VA will reexamine your case periodically to determine whether you still qualify. If your disability rating is lowered because you’ve healed from your injury, you may no longer receive monthly payments. Contact us immediately for help knowing what you should expect for your VA disability. Our veterans’ lawyer understands your position and will listen compassionately to you while also fighting for your rights.

What VA Benefits Will I Receive?

The benefits you qualify for depend on your disability rating. After considering your evidence, the VA will rate your disability on a scale from zero to one hundred. A zero rating indicates that you have no disability, while 100 means you are totally disabled. Based on your rating, you will be assigned an amount of money to be paid monthly by the VA.

However, these payments do not continue permanently. You will go through periodic examinations to see if you still qualify for your benefits. A skilled attorney can help you gather the evidence to show that you deserve the full payment, so reach out to us today.

Do I Need Reexamination to Keep VA Benefits?

Yes, you should expect reexamination by the VA to keep your VA benefits. This could happen every two to five years, depending on your specific case. Occasionally, there are disabilities that the VA may label as “static,” meaning they do not require reexamination.

The VA will notify you if it intends to reexamine your claim or change your benefits, so you have enough time to respond. If this happens, please get in touch with a trusted attorney right away, such as our law firm’s attorney. We can help you through the reexamination process, so you don’t lose your benefits wrongfully.

Can Hiring a Lawyer Help Me Keep My VA Benefits?

Hiring a lawyer is an excellent way to ensure you keep all the VA disability benefits you deserve. Dealing with the VA can be complicated and extremely frustrating. Trust us; we’ve been there too! Our experience dealing with VA claims and appeals makes our legal team a great place to start when you have questions or need help keeping your VA disability.

Our veterans’ lawyer has helped countless veterans get their claims approved through the VA. He knows how tricky this process can be and will stand by your side the whole time. You can rely on our knowledge and skill with any legal need regarding issues with the VA. From getting a disability claim approved or appealed to helping you through the reexamination process, we know how to get the results you need. Call us today at (612) 888-9567.

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