Veterans Legal Consultation Form

Filling out the consultation form is the first step for veterans who were denied benefits or injured by VA clinicians at agency hospitals. It helps us get to know you better and cuts through some of the gray areas in a veteran’s denial or malpractice claim. Someone from the firm will contact you after evaluation of your answers to let you know if we can provide you with additional information about your matter in a consultation. If we cannot provide you with additional information or are unable to help for any reason, we will let you know. Note that not everyone who fills out this request form will be eligible for a consultation or feedback, and submitting this form in not way creates an attorney-client relationship.

Once completed, someone will get back to you either be email or by phone with additional information or to schedule a consultation if you are eligible for one. The firm does represent some clients pro bono, but most clients are represented under a fee agreement of some kind.